“To stand upon my kingdom once again.”

— William Shakespeare


Clans & Societies

The two-day Fèis at Ayr Mount will honor the rich history and enduring contributions of our Scottish forbearers in Hillsborough and North Carolina.

Clans & Societies are graciously welcomed to be a part of our 2-day festival during the Outlandish Hillsborough weekend. Many Hillsborough residents emigrated directly to North Carolina from Scotland or had parents who had made that journey.

James Hogg (1729-1804), born in East Lothian, Scotland was a partner in the Transylvania Company, active in the America Revolution, and a chief benefactor and trustee of the University of North Carolina.

William Hooper (1742-1790), one of three North Carolina signers of the Declaration of Independence, represented the Scottish settlement of Campbellton (later Fayetteville) in the Provincial Assembly, and started Hillsborough Academy. Hooper was schooled at the University of Edinburgh and Harvard College. His grandfather was from Kelso, Scotland.

William Alexander Graham (1804-1875), lawyer, planter and governor of North Carolina. He studied under William Hooper at the Hillsborough Academy and afterwards admitted to the University of North Carolina. He is descended from Ulster Scots.

William Kirkland of Ayr Scotland, builder of Ayr Mount where the 2-day Fèis will be held was related to several influential Scotsman: Sir Alexander MacKenzie (explorer who discovered the Northwest Passage), Paul Cameron (owner of Stagville Plantation in Durham and wealthiest man in NC before and after Civil War), Judge Robert Strange (Congressman, author of first NC novel Eoneguski), William A Graham, Governor of NC,  John MacRae (publisher of 1833 MacRae-Brazier NC maps), George McNeill (Fayetteville businessman).

In Hillsborough and at Ayr Mount the connection to our Scottish and colonial heritage is important and valued. Having Clans and Societies participate in Outlandish Hillsborough will help our visitors understand and appreciate the continuing contributions of Scottish descendants in our state and country.

Invitations have been mailed to Clans and Societies in North Carolina for participation in Outlandish Hillsborough. If you did not receive yours and would like to participate, please contact us.