Q. Where is Ayr Mount located?

A. Ayr Mount Historic Site, 376 St. Mary's Road, Hillsborough NC


Q. Where can I find a map to Ayr Mount?

A. Ayr Mount is less than a mile from downtown Hillsborough. Follow THIS LINK for map


Q. Is there on site parking?

A. Complimentary parking at Ayr Mount is included for the first 500 tickets sold. If your ticket is 501 or higher you'll need to take a complimentary shuttle from the ticketing site to the festival site. Festival tickets will not be sold at Ayr Mount on Saturday or Sunday.


Q.Handicap Parking and Access?

A. Handicap parking is available for vehicles displaying a placard. An ADA compliant portable toilet will be on site. All events included with a festival ticket will be held on the grounds. 

Q. Can I walk from downtown to Ayr Mount?

A. St. Mary's Road is a busy street connecting downtown and Ayr Mount. There is not a sidewalk on St. Mary's Road. We do not recommend anyone walk from town to Ayr Mount. Free shuttles will run on Saturday and Sunday to transport ticketed guests.

Q. How can I tour the house?

A. Guided house tours will be given at 11 AM and 2 PM on Saturday. A tour on Sunday will be offered at 2PM. An additional ticket must be purchased through the website to take a guided tour during the festival. Tickets are $12 per person and include the Scottish Connections Exhibit.


Q. Is the House Handicap Accessible DURING TOURS?

A. The first floor of Ayr Mount is the only wheelchair accessible area. The Scottish Connections exhibit is located on the third floor and can only be viewed through a guided tour. Photo books with information about the second and third floors plus the Scottish Connections Exhibit are available for anyone unable to climb the stairs.



Q. Tickets

A. You must bring a printed or digital ticket with you for entrance to the festival.

Q. When does the pre-sale ticket time end?

A. Pre-sale tickets for Ceilidh Ayr and Outlander Ayr can be purchased until Thursday, October 10th at midnight. Beginning Friday, October 11th at 12:01 AM the ticket price will be set with the Day-Of price.


Q. Does everyone need a ticket?

A. Pre-school age children (4 and under) do not need a ticket. Everyone else needs a ticket to the festival.


Q. How do I get my ticket?

A. Visit the Ticket Page for information on all the Outlandish Hillsborough related events. The links from that page will redirect to Eventbrite where you can add all the tickets you'd like to your cart and pay with a credit card.


Q.When do tickets go on sale?

A. September 1st. Visit the ticket page for more information and haste ye back!.

Q. How do I purchase tickets?

A. Through this website beginning September 1st.

Q. How much are tickets to the festival?

A. Pre-sale tickets are $20 for adults and $5 for children 5-12, age 4 and under are free. Pre-sales end on October 10th! On Oct. 11 Ticket price is $25 for adults, $5 for children 5-12, age 4 and under are free.

Q. Can I personally purchase tickets in advance?

A. Yes, at the Hillsborough Visitor's Center during open hours and at Ayr Mount by calling in advance 919-732-6886.


Q. Can I buy tickets at the Ayr Mount on Saturday and Sunday?

A. No tickets will be sold at Ayr Mount on Saturday or Sunday. If you would like to purchase a ticket on the day of the festival do so at the Visitor Center or online.


Q. Are tickets refundable?

A. Ticket purchases are final. We Cèilidh on rain or shine. If your plans change and you can't attend you can always give your ticket to a friend - they'll love you for it.


Q. Can I leave and come back in?

A. Yes, if you have to leave the festival grounds make sure you get your hand stamped before exiting the grounds.


Q. When are the hours of the festival?

A. 10 AM until 4 PM both Saturday and Sunday October 12 & 13. Gates open at 9:30 each day.

Q. When do the gates open?

A. Gates open to the public at 9:30 AM on Saturday and Sunday. The festival hours are 10 AM until 4 PM both Saturday and Sunday.


Q. Do I need to take the Shuttle?

A. There will be a complimentary shuttle running from the off site parking to Ayr Mount on Saturday and Sunday. If your ticket number is 501 or higher you will be unable to park at Ayr Mount and will need to take the shuttle. We strongly recommend Not Walking to the festival grounds!

Q. Where is the off site parking?

A. Visit the Town of Hillsborough website for parking options. https://www.hillsboroughnc.gov/community/parking/


Q. Will there be Food Trucks?

A. Oh yeah! Check out the festival page. Bridies, Fish & Chips, Haggis, ale, and a whole lot of other good stuff to eat and drink will be available during the festival. Step right up to the counter and say, "Kin ah get a pie ina bridie ina ingin ane anaw?" or if you'd rather just ask, "Can I get a pie, a bridie, and an onion one as well?"

Q. Can I bring a cooler or outside food?

A. Coolers, picnic baskets, outside food and beverages are not permitted. Food trucks will be on hand serving excellent fish & chips, haggis pockets, bridies, fizzy drinks and more. A personal water bottle may be brought in to refill during the festival.


Q. Will there be Alcohol for purchase?

A. Beer and wine will be available for purchase. Must have valid ID clearly stating birthdate to purchase alcohol.


Q. Will I be able to purchase Irn Bru there?

A. Yes, we will have it!!! Come taste what all the fuss is about - it is Scotland's "other" national drink! Purchase at the Sataboot.


Q. Will there be bleachers?

A. Bring folding chairs and blankets for personal use. No bleachers or other seating will be available in the entertainment area. Seating in the Heritage tent is provided.

Q. What is a Wee Bairns Area?

A. The Wee Bairns Area is the children's area at the festival. We are happy to have wee bairns at the festival. There will be lots of special crafts and lawn games. Please remember that an adult must remain with your child at all times.

Q. Will there be security on site?

A. Yes, there will be a Public Safety Officer on site during the entire festival.


Q. Are weapons allowed at Ayr Mount?

A. Absolutely no weapons of any kind will be allowed on festival grounds.


Q. What if there is an emergency?

A. Shout HELP and then call 911 if it is an emergency! No matter the problem, Keep Calm and Cèilidh On. Health technicians and an Orange County Sheriff will be on site to assist in an emergency.


Q. Will there be EMS personnel on site?

A. We will have a First Aid booth managed by volunteer health technicians.

Q. Is there a water fountain at Ayr Mount?

A. No water fountain but visit the Sataboot to refill your water bottle or to purchase a bottle of water.

Q. What happens if it rains?

A. We Cèilidh On rain or shine. Bring an umbrella and wear your rain boots.


Q. Can I bring my dog?

A. Leashed, well behaved and socialized dogs are allowed on the festival grounds. A doggie water station will be at the Sataboot.


Q. Are there bathrooms available?

A. There is not a bathroom building but we'll have plenty of portable units on hand.


Q. Is there an ATM at Ayr Mount?

A. There is not an ATM at Ayr Mount. The nearest ATM is located by the new courthouse at 118 E. Margaret St. downtown Hillsborough.

Q. What should I wear?

A. That is completely up to you but you do need to wear something! Keep in mind that the festival is outdoors so check the weather before getting dressed. There is a one mile walking trail on the property so proper footwear will be helpful if you want to experience the entire site. Kilts, Earasaids, tartans, costumes and period clothes are fun but not necessary.

Q. What should I bring?

A. A chair or blanket, your ticket and a smile. And money if you want food, drink or something wonderful from one of our Marketplace vendors.


Q. Is there an Evacuation Plan in place for Ayr Mount?

A. If there is an emergency at the festival that requires an immediate evacuation, information will be announced over the PA system. The site map shows the evacuation route and can be seen at the Sataboot and in the Program.


Q. Will Outlandish Hillsborough T-shirts be available at the festival?

A. T-shirts will be available for purchase at the Sataboot during the festival. Purchase limited edition Tees at the Alliance for Historic Hillsborough/Visitor Center prior to the festival.


Q. What are the grounds like at Ayr Mount?

A. There are 57 acres of lawns, fields and mature hardwoods surrounding the house. Visitors are welcome to take the Poet's Walk, stroll the lawns, visit the Eno River and the pond, or just relax on your blanket and enjoy the entertainment.

Q. What is Sataboot?

A. Sataboot translated is "What's that about"? You'll find all the information you need at the Sataboot. Along with Programs, Schedule, awesome T-shirts, Irn Bru, a water station and lots more.


Q. What is the Heritage Tent?

A. The Heritage Tent is a space set aside for the many knowledgeable and interesting scholars coming to talk about Scotland, Scot heritage, America's colonial time period and Outlander connections.


Q. When are the talks scheduled?

A. Pick up a schedule from the Sataboot to see the line-up of Scholar talks, demonstrations, and entertainers.

Q. How much do the talks cost?

A. Not a thing extra! All the talks, demonstrations, and entertainment offerings are included in your ticket price.


Q. How do you pronounce Cèilidh?

A. Kay-lee - easy right?

Q. What if I still have questions?

A. Email festival questions to ayrmount@classicalamericanhomes.org