The Line Up




Jamie Laval

Nationally acclaimed performer, composer, arranger, and educator, Jamie Laval is hailed as “One of North America’s finest practitioners of traditional Scottish music” (San Jose Mercury News). Laval’s unique approach to traditional Celtic music blends the simplicity of an ancient art form with stunning virtuosity and contemporary flair that resonates with families, youth, seniors, and devotees of ethnic, jazz, and classical music.

Recognized throughout the U.S and Britain as one of the premier performers of traditional Scottish music on the international music scene today, Laval has performed for Her Majesty the Queen, appeared on Dave Matthews platinum Some Devil album, and presented a TED Talk on the value of arts and music in our communities.

Jamie will be joined by vocalist Megan McConnell, lauded for the ethereal, lyric beauty of her singing, her broad stylistic range, and her perky, theatrical performance sense.

Jamie Laval and Megan McConnell take their audience on a trilling adventure through Scotland, Ireland, and Brittany (Celtic France), evocatively reimagining ancient love songs, toe-tapping peasant dances, and the recounting of mysterious tales from the Celtic world.


Jim & Holly Lawrence

Once upon a time, a man and his daughter started a Celtic duo and named it after themselves: Jim and Holly Lawrence. By themselves and ofttimes with good friend Mark Davis, they played at local pubs and festivals. They recorded three CDs: Of Gaels and Saints, Celtic Harmonies and Caledonian Shadows, the last of which garnered a nomination for Best Traditional Folk Album by the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA).

Jim & Holly also started Celtic Machinations with Lauren Smith. They play and record together and are always a hit, gathering fans wherever they perform. At the core of their playing is always that deep and dynamic bond of father/daughter: together, they bring beautiful solo vocals, beguiling ensemble singing and energetic fiddle tunes with attitude!


NCSU Pipes & Drums Band

With 48 years of Scottish Bagpiping in Raleigh, North Carolina - the NCSU Pipes and Drums Band is the longest running pipe band in the state. Maintaining the rich traditions of Scottish piping and drumming, playing advanced intricate music, performing in competitions, at festivals and parades, this amazing award-winning band is a delight and not to be missed.


Piobadh na Triantan

This small but dynamic band excels at playing tunes with interesting harmonies and counterpoint melodies, complemented by a variety of percussion instruments. Started in 2014 by John Sprague - the same man who led the NCSU Pipes and Drums Band to amazing heights for 35 years! - you know this Band will pack a big sound.


Greensboro Scottish Country Dancers

A fabulous group of people with many different stories and careers coming together because they have a love of dancing, especially Scottish Country Dancing. Associated with the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, a worldwide organization based in Scotland, which supports activities and teacher training, dance and music publications, and events. Wear your dancing sneakers because the GSCD is looking forward to dancing with you.


CRAIGH NA DUN DANCE - recreated by To The Pointe

Ancient Stone Circles are powerful, holy places that hold great curiosity: they conceal much more than they illuminate. The strange powers felt at Scotland’s sacred stone sites, some 5,000 years old, have long been documented. Outlander fans will remember the Craigh na Dun dance witnessed by Claire and Frank on Samhain. They are fascinated watching as women slowly join in unison to dance, twirl and reach to the heavens; creating mystery and magic from both the dance and their spirited feminine beauty. This magical and mythical experience will change Claire and Frank’s lives forever.

To The Pointe offers classes in ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, hip hop, acro, modern, musical theater, and more for all ages. Reaching beyond traditional dance education with special programming for homeschool students, ballet for ice skaters, successful Competition and Performance Companies for advanced dancers, summer camps and dance intensives, and session classes. Their dynamic group of adult dancers will bring a passionate recreation of the Craigh na Dun dance to life.

“There’s no place on earth with more magic and more superstition mixed into its daily life than the Scottish Highlands.” Outlander


Richard Fitzpatrick

Richard has been hosting an award-winning pub quiz and trivia for many years. Think you can match wits with him? He’ll put you to the test of all things Scottish and Outlandish.




Stephen Davis

Dr. Davis is an Adjunct Professor of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His extensive research has focused on the early history of Native Americans in the American South and particularly on the impact of European colonization on native peoples in Virginia and the Carolinas during the seventeenth, eighteenth, and early nineteenth centuries. He has explored more than a dozen late precontact and early contact-period sites in north-central North Carolina to identify and explain the patterns and processes of culture change that accompanied the first encounters with English explorers and traders in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. He also continues to study on the emergence of the Catawba Nation through a process of coalescence in the early eighteenth century and to document the Nation’s social, economic, and political transformation during the late Colonial and early Federal periods.


Tiber Falzett

Tiber Falzett is the current inaugural holder of the Scottish Heritage USA Visiting Lectureship in Scottish Gaelic Studies at the UNC-CH. His research foundation is built on over a decade of participatory fieldwork conducted with first-language Scottish Gaelic speakers in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada and the Outer Hebrides and West Highlands of Scotland. As a direct result of these immersive and rooted fieldwork experiences with community elders, Dr. Falzett has come to especially value the power of both language and music as expressed in the social world to break down barriers and bring people together.


Anne Fertig

Anne Fertig is currently a doctoral student in English Literature. Her research centers around history writing in the long eighteenth century, including historiography, historical fiction, and antiquarianism. With interest in the Scottish Enlightenment and Romanticism, her work uses English, Scots, and Scottish Gaelic to explore the intersections of culture and language in Scotland and Britain. She was a former Fulbright Postgraduate Scholar at the University of Glasgow (2013-2014) and the co-editor of A Song of Glasgow Town: The Collected Poems of Marion Bernstein (Association for Scottish Literary Studies, 2013).


Michael Newton

Michael Newton was awarded a Ph.D. in Celtic Studies from the University of Edinburgh in 1998 and is a fluent Scottish Gaelic speaker. He has written a multitude of books and numerous articles about Gaelic culture and history in Scotland and North America and is the leading authority on Scottish Highland heritage in North America. He was the editor of Dùthchas nan Gaidheal: Selected Essays of John MacInnes, which won the Saltire Society’s Research Book award of 2006 and the author of Warriors of the Word: The World of the Scottish Highlanders, which was nominated for the 2009 Katharine Briggs Award for folklore research. In 2014 he was given the inaugural Saltire Award by the St. Andrews University Scottish Heritage Center (of Laurinburg, North Carolina) for his “outstanding contributions to the preservation and interpretation of Scottish history and culture.” His 2015 publication Seanchaidh na Coille / Memory-Keeper of the Forest: Anthology of Scottish Gaelic Literature of Canada is the first extensive collection of Gaelic-Canadian literature and analysis of it. His research and texts from his books have been used by Diane Gabaldon and the Outlander crew, especially the racy material that appears in his Naughty Little Book of Gaelic.


Arwin Smallwood

Arwin Smallwood is Chair of the Department of History and Political Science at North Carolina A&T State University. His primary focus is on the relationships between African Americans, Native Americans, and Europeans in eastern North Carolina during the colonial and early antebellum periods. Educating students and the public is what Dr. Smallwood values most about the discipline of history. He has found that each generation lacks a deep understanding of the complexity of history and believes that even a general understanding of history has the potential to change lives, communities, nations, and the world we live in.


Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation

Preserving the heritage of the people of the Saponi Nation

The OBSN community is a lineal descendant of the Saponi and related Indians who occupied the Piedmont of North Carolina and Virginia in pre-contact times, and specifically of those Saponi and related Indians who formally became tributary to Virginia under the Treaties of Middle Plantation in 1677 and 1680, and, who under the subsequent treaty of 1713 with the Colony of Virginia agreed to join together as a single community. This confederation formed a settlement at Fort Christianna along the Virginia/North Carolina border in what is now Brunswick County, Virginia. The confederation included the Saponi proper, the Occaneechi, the Eno, the Tutelo, and elements of other related communities such as the Cheraw. All of these communities were remnants of much larger Siouan communities that had lived in North Carolina and Virginia in prehistoric times.


Stephen Quillin

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games was originally modeled after Scottish styled events. Those traditions of Scottish culture are what continue to drive GMHG today. It is the largest single gathering of Scottish clans anywhere in the world. 2020 will mark their 65th year when over 100 Clans will once again gather on MacRae Meadows. The history of the Highland Games in North Carolina and the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in particular is uniquely interesting. Stephen Quillin is the 11th President of the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, Past President of the Clan MacLaren Society of NC, on the Board of Scottish Heritage USA, and is on the GMHG Board of Trustees.


The Royal Welch Fusiliers

The Royal Welch Fusiliers in America commemorates the service of the 23rd Regiment of Foot during the American Revolution. Participating in nearly every major campaign (except Burgoyne’s), from Lexington and Concord in 1775, through Yorktown in 1781, the 23rd Foot was one of the premier regiments of the Crown Forces in North America.


SCOT - Scottish Cultural Organization of the Triangle

The Scottish Cultural Organization of the Triangle, is a non-profit dedicated to sharing and promoting knowledge of and appreciation for Scottish culture and history with people in the Triangle and Central NC. Anyone with Scottish heritage or an interest in Scotland is welcome! Stop by their Stall - they have a lot to offer about all things Scotland through a newsletter, recipes, poems, historical information and participation in fun events and activities throughout the year.


Council of Scottish Clans and Associations (COSCA) and the Scottish Tartans Authority

Council of Scottish Clans and Associations (COSCA) and the Scottish Tartans Authority offers visitors a plethora of information for people to find out more about their Scottish roots. Books filled with Scottish surnames, maps of the old Scotland territories labeled with the different clan names, and thousands of tartan samples are just a few of the items you’ll find at this stall. Technology and the internet have contributed to the resurgence of people taking an interest in learning about their family history but you can get a jump on your research or add to your knowledge here.


The Argyll Colony Plus

The North Carolina Scottish Heritage Society was established in 1992 as a non-profit incorporated organization to promote the study, research and publication of materials concerning the ancestry and heritage of the Highland Scots who emigrated to North and South Carolina during the colonial period and immediately afterwards. The Argyll Colony Plus is the journal of the North Carolina Scottish Heritage Society.


Historic Interpretations

Historic Interpretations passionately creates living history detailed programs for all ages, This dedicated, knowledgeable, and fun team maintains integrity of first person historic personas and consists of actors, historians, educators, entertainers, and artisans who enjoy the portrayal of real people, from real life, to share our real history.


Orange County Beekeepers Association

Ceramic jars full of honey were discovered in a tomb thought to be 5,500 years old and the honey is still edible! Honey bees have played an essential role for life throughout time. An estimated 80% of all crops grown in America require pollination by honey bees. Bees also pollinate clover and alfalfa, an essential food for dairy and meat cattle. In addition to the important role bees play in our food cycle, they also play a significant role in the pollination of numerous non-food crops like cotton and flax and provide important beeswax products. Find out more from a Master Beekeeper.


The Trading Path Walkabout with Tom Magnuson

Just to the north of Ayr Mount you’ll find the remains of the Trading Path leading to the Catawbau & Cherokee Indian Nations, clearly stated on the Fry-Jefferson maps of 1753. At the juncture of the Trading Path and the Eno River is marked Akonichi for the Indian village established in the 17th century. That area becomes Hillsborough in 1754. Colonial roads enabled accessibility to remote areas that could not be reached by water - the most efficient method for cargo. What geographic factors determine where a path, trail or road wends its way across North Carolina? What physical factors dictated transportation and settlement patterns in Colonial times in the Old North State? This walk will touch on the geology and geography of pre-modern byways, the flora and fauna needed for travel, and the environmental and geopolitical factors determining where we live to this day. On the walk, learn about some of North Carolina's oldest roads, how they've changed, and why they are important.

The Fry-Jefferson maps add significant value to our understanding of colonial America. The maps clearly show the Trading Path beginning in Petersburg Virginia and running south through our area and into the colony of South Carolina. Churton Street is Hillsborough’s main downtown street and named for William Churton a prominent surveyor in NC - credit to him is printed on the map. Visit Encyclopedia Virginia to learn more about the Joshua Fry - Peter Jefferson maps of 1753. Visit the Trading Path Association to learn about their mission to preserve, study, and promote the remnants of the historic Trading Path. Visit the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation to learn more about the heritage of the indigenous peoples first occupying this area.


The Regulator Movement Walkabout with Steve Peck

In the mid-1700s there was unrest between a growing number of settlers and the Crown in North Carolina. The Regulator Movement was formed by settlers who felt overtaxed and desired to regulate their own affairs. This unrest culminated in a battle between the Regulators and the Crown. Following the battle, six Regulators were hanged in Hillsborough on June 19, 1771. But the first Regulator hanged was James Few and he was not brought home to Hillsborough to face trial with the other captured Regulators, James was hanged on the battleground without a trial. The property where Ayr Mount sits has a rich history and was the location for the Few family home and tavern. Following James Few’s death the Crown’s militia camped on the grounds and ravaged the family farm. Hillsborough was a hot seat for the Regulator Movement and It was all too real to the colonial citizens in the area. A walking discussion will talk about this important conflict in the years before the War of Independence. Visit Alamance Battleground and NCPedia for more information.




St. Andrew’s Square

The best of Scottish delights such as Scotch Eggs, Meat Pies, Bridies, Sausage Rolls, Haggis Pockets, and more. Come hungry!!


Tobi’s Bakery

Scottish shortbread, Scottish Gingerbread, and Ginger Oat Crackles are just a few of the delicious treats available from Tobi’s Bakery. Using locally milled organic flours, eggs, milk and other flavorful organic ingredients from local farms means everything is baked-from-scratch delicious.

Walt Unks/Journal

Walt Unks/Journal

Scottish Gourmet USA

Looking for the Scottish foods you enjoyed whilst driving through Scotland or watching Outlander? Delicious shortbread, smoked salmon and sweet heather honey - all your favorite Scottish foods are here in the USA, to buy at the festival or have shipped to you. Taste the Bonnie Bounty of Scotland.


Grandfather Scottish

A multi-line supplier of clan crest drinkware and jewelry manufactured in the United States and exclusive to Grandfather Scottish and the other companies that sell their fine products. A full line of traditional Scottish attire is also available so you can look your best at your next Scottish gala. All traditional Scottish attire is authentic and comes directly from Scotland.


Thistle Glen Pottery

FOIGHIDINN - The Scots Gaelic word for “patience” reflects Crawford Horne’s relationship with clay. From decades of practicing architecture to the making of pottery he has been privileged to associate with and learn from a number of accomplished potters and to have been welcomed as an active member of local art venues. He enjoys experimenting with form, texture and color; uses a variety of stoneware clay bodies; mixes his own glazes from raw ingredients; uses a number of glaze application methods to include dipping, pouring and spraying. Working on the potter's wheel in addition to hand building with slabs, Crawford creates texture by imprinting and excising the clay with tools and stamps or cutting the surface with wires or stretched springs. The effect these surface techniques have on the glazes applied over them lends great appeal to both the eye and the heart.


Purple Crow Books

What’s in a name? Purple is associated with both nobility and spirituality and the Crow symbolizes intelligence, flexibility and destiny. There is a lot packed into this neighborhood bookstore in our lovely historic town of Hillsborough. Most of the books by local writers (which are many!) are signed, Book Club information is available, special order books, North Carolina interest, and of course the Outlander series.


Perles Jumelle

Beautiful handmade knit wear and jewelry inspired by the world of Outlander. If you love the shawls and arm warmers that Claire and Brianna wear in the show, now you can have your very own to wear and love. Perfect for those cold winter months and your Outlander cosplay outfits. Your jewelry purchases will add a unique touch to any outfit and are all made to be nicely lightweight. Jewelry and knitwear are all handmade in Hillsborough, NC.


Henigu Mihe Hetoa Heyanenhes Yatt, wa Occaneechi Saponi watahkai

My name is “Women who Stands Tall.” Vickie Jeffries, as she is also known, is an Occaneechi Saponi Indian, Tribal Administrator, Ladies Traditional Dancer, and a crafter of jewelry, gourds and quill work. Her bracelets are done on a wooden loom and each one tells a story through the color of the beads and design. To honor her ancestors all her pieces are given a name in the Tutelo-Saponi language. With each heartfelt piece she crafts, she hopes the person that ends up with the piece feels the sacredness of her beautiful work. Vickie says, “I try to stay true to my ancestor’s art and each day I learn something new and I always feel their hands guiding my hands. I feel empowered and full of strength and I know that healing is taking place.”


The Scottish Soap House

Goat’s Milk, Oatmeal, Argan Oil and crisp, clean signature scents are found in the natural bars of soap, body scrubs and sprays from The Scottish Soap House. The Clan and Celtic soaps have a special surprise inside, a Sterling Silver Celtic pendant or ring. These tartan covered bars make delightful gifts.


B. Invited

An exceptional gift boutique in Chapel Hill, North Carolina specializing in hostess gifts, custom stationery, beautiful paper goods, small gifts, holiday goods and doggone fun gifts for the dog parents in your life. These items along with well-chosen Outlander and Scottish focused gifts will be available for purchase during the festival.


Autumn Harvest Creations

Using locally sourced wood from trees that fell or had to be taken down and honoring those trees makes for a beautiful work of art. Each unique piece of wood dictates all aspects of design. Through highlighting natural flaws and cracks with turquoise, brass and other inlays these high quality wooden items join form and function for a remarkable one of a kind creation.


Impulsive Creativity

Impulsive Creativity If you are looking for intricate and beautifully designed jewelry stop by to see the array of chainmaille and wire wrapped handmade jewelry that Impulsive Creativity has to offer. Specializing in chainmaille fabrication, silversmithing and custom stone cabbing.


Bull City Street Food

This is an amazing food truck! Personable, quick, great prices and the food is amazing! Of course Fish and Chips will be on the menu and many other delicious items as well.


Sarge’s Chef

Serving fish and chips and loads of other delicious food. Sarge’s Chef has some of the best food in the Triangle. Hot, fresh, full of flavor. Check it out!


Regulator Brewing Company

This favorite nanobrewery crafts exceptional, locally-sourced beer for the enjoyment of the Hillsborough community. RBC supports the redevelopment of a strong agricultural tradition in the North Carolina Piedmont. Regulator Brewing procures at least 75% of ingredients from local farms to build a business that reinvests in the local community; producing a consistent, quality product in tune with local tastes.


Botanist & Barrel

Botanist & Barrel crafts a variety of ciders, sours, and dry fruit wines. Using techniques from wine-making, brewing, and mixology they are constantly blurring the lines. Using light-handed winemaking techniques, this winery and cidery combines old world methods with modern sensibilities, to concoct a deliciously flavorful brew.


Check back frequently for more additions.